Maria Fregulia, Susanville City Council

My name is Maria Fregulia. I am running for a seat on the Susanville City Council.

I include my background information because I believe it is a picture of my life experiences that would add to my service as a City Council member.

I was born in Westwood and raised in Clear Creek. My father obtained employment in Susanville, so my second brother and I became Lassen High graduates. I graduated from the University of Nevada-Reno with a Bachelor of Science degree in home economics.

My work background is varied with most of the time being spent as a high school Home Economics Instructor in Northeastern Oregon (Wallowa County) and Lassen High School. I taught four years at Credence High School and was the Director of the Childcare Program. I also spent several months as an instructor at Lassen County Juvenile Hall.

Before returning to Susanville, I had a position as a Home Economist with the North Central District Health Department based in Lewiston, Idaho, specific to the WIC Program. My other work experiences include waiting tables, working on an operating livestock and hay production ranch, providing childcare and having a small business in the catering industry. I have held leadership positions in 4-H, the California Teachers Association, and Lassen High School Alumni Association.

I have now lived back in Susanville for close to 38 years and hope to continue living here for the foreseeable future.  The political landscape has always been of interest to me, as well as those of my cohorts with whom I attended school. Sophia Wages, the late Elaine Hasha and Rocky Deal are just three of the examples that have committed time and energy to public service.  I believe that seed of interest was sparked by those K-12 instructors we had, as well as an educational system that promoted service to the community. So now, the timing for me and the opportunity to run for a public office has arisen.

I believe that residents in a community (and I am part of that community) desire the following: to be safe, to have an infrastructure of services that meet their daily needs and to have access to quality education.

I believe those issues can be addressed (and some are being addressed) through common sense and intelligent decisions.

  1. I would emphasize and prioritize the expenditures of taxpayer monies for infrastructure projects that residents can see. Things that make a difference in their lives. Curbs, gutters, and sidewalks that are replaced or tidied up. A newly paved road. Well-maintained parks and trails. Using code enforcement to deal with those identified properties that are nuisances and do not add to the appearance and aesthetics of the city. Those are things that spark interest in starting a business and the desire to live in a community.
  2. I would work with administration and staff to help make the best decisions in keeping with sound financial decisions.
  3. I understand there is a changing demographic within the city, as well as Lassen County and how that demographic change affects policies and financial decisions.
  4. I would work with all the entities involved to move forward with how to improve the homeless population issue.

I am a good candidate for City Council because I am knowledgeable about the issues facing the city. I attend meetings. I stay abreast of what occurs legislatively in the state of California.

I am a good candidate for City Council because I have experience in negotiating and working with a wide berth of people: school superintendents, teenagers, 3 year olds and like all of us, cranky relatives.

I am a good candidate for City Council because I know that it is important to listen to, and work with other councilmembers, City Administrator Dan Newton, city of Susanville employees and the other entities such as Lassen County that would come into play.

I am a good candidate for City Council because, most importantly, I would listen to those voices the residents of Susanville possess, and the important role they have in determining the movement forward for Susanville.