Hundreds of pounds of marijuana, in various stages of cultivation, were seized from the Termo/ Grasshopper area in October 2017. Photo submitted

Marijuana seized in North County area

A code enforcement check resulted in the seizure of hundreds of pounds of marijuana.

On Thursday, Oct. 12, Lassen County Sheriff’s Office deputies assisted the Lassen County Code Enforcement personnel at a marijuana grow in the Termo/Grasshopper area. Code enforcement had an inspection warrant to enter the property to inspect for potential Lassen County Code violations, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

Deputies observed people on the property and tried to communicate with them on their PA system. The statement alleged the people refused to comply with directions and entered a make-shift structure located on the property.

Deputies tried to gain compliance for an extended period of time before ultimately entering the structure. Upon entry, deputies discovered the people had fled from the residence.
During the inspection of the property, deputies discovered large quantities of processed marijuana and some marijuana that had been harvested but not yet processed.

There were no doctor recommendations posted or visible at the property, and no other evidence that the marijuana was being grown and processed for medicinal purposes, read the statement.

Based on such, as well as the fact that the growers had fled the scene, it was believed that the marijuana was being grown and processed for criminal purposes.
A criminal search warrant was applied for and obtained from the Superior Court of Lassen County.

Upon searching the structures, additional processed marijuana was discovered, as well as portions of marijuana plants that were drying in tent structures. Deputies also located harvesting tools and evidence of multiple growing and processing sites.

Deputies seized the processed marijuana, and the marijuana that was in the drying process. Although cultivation of marijuana is only a misdemeanor, more than 450 pounds of processed marijuana and approximately 200 pounds of marijuana in the drying stage was seized on the property, read the statement.

The property owner of record is Michaelor Sao Vue, of Fresno, California.

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