More than 150 students, teachers, administrators, family and friends attended last month's 103rd annual Public School's Night at the Susanville Masonic Hall.

Masonic Lodge hosts 103rd Annual Public Schools Night

The 103rd Annual Public Schools Night was held at the Susanville Masonic Lodge on May 18, 2023.

Susanville School District had representatives from their three schools. McKinley School Teacher of the Year was Theresa Moore. Male Student was Derrick Cisneros and Female Student was Layla Jacome. Meadow View School Teacher of the Year was Patricia Hudson. Male Student was Madden Parrish and Female Student was Naya Bangayan. Diamond View School Teacher of the Year was Sarah McIntyre. Male Student was Robert Feller and Female Student was Cicily Tupper. Photos submitted

The Susanville Mason’s Lodge hosted more than 150 attendees … students, teachers, administrators, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, siblings, friends and neighbors at the event.

The Lodge was represented by Master Ryan Lagache and Steward Bob Tripp along with Patty Gunderson, Lassen County superintendent of schools.

Shaffer School was not able to attend, due to a school trip. Shaffer School Teacher of the Year was Elise Williams.  Male Student was Brady Deakin and Female Student was Kyannah Johnson.





Westwood Unified School District Teachers of the Year were Catherine Tsaniff (Fletcher Walker-absent) and Cory Rickert (Westwood High-absent). Male Students were Bryson Hart (Westwood Junior High) and Arik Ramsey (Westwood High). Female Students were Kylia Stelzriede (Fletcher Walker Elementary), Payden Scott (Westwood Junior High) and Alasia Williams (Westwood High), introduced by Interim Superintendent/Principal Randy Bobby.
Fort Sage Unified School District Teacher of the Year was Peggy Erwin (Herlong High). Male Students were Christopher Custdio (Middle School) and Kody Mccredy (Herlong High). Female Students were Esmeralda Arroyo (Herlong High) and Lilianna Gutierrez (Sierra Primary). They were all introduced by Interim Superintendent Brian Young.




Long Valley Charter School Teacher of the Year was Jon Landerman. Male Student was Jaxon Harguess and Female Student was Charlotte Potter, introduced by Administrator Whitney Mack.
Janesville School Teacher of the Year was Aspen Brown. Male Student was Ethan Gates and Female Student was Addalyn Rotlisberger, introduced by Interim Superintendent Dr. Samia Merza.













Johnstonville School Teacher of the Year was Brie Buckler. Male Student was Aniel Ledezma and Female Student was Haidyn Snyder, introduced by Johnstonville Superintendent Dr. Scott Smith.
Richmond School Teacher of the Year was Amy Matchniff. Male Student was Parker Langslet and Female Student was Maya Tomlinson, introduced by Interim Superintendentl Jan DeMers.
Lassen High School Teacher of the Year was Jessica Larson. Male Student was Jeremy Nielsen (absent) and Female Student was Jenna Leaman (absent), introduced by Dean of Students Bob Nielsen.
Lassen County Office of Education Teacher of the Year was Denise Bossé Arnold, introduced by Interim Richmond Superintendent Jan DeMers.