Mayor delivers ‘farewell address’

OK. Susanville’s Mayor Quincy McCourt never called his comments at Wednesday’s, March 20 a farewell address, but they could be called just that.

Susanville Mayor Quincy McCourt.

Following McCourt’s reading of the mission statement and the land acknowledgement the mayor shared his thoughts “at one of my last meetings.”

McCourt said, “Essentially it’s kind of a thank you. It’s a call to pay attention to all of us and remember we can be as strong as we allow ourselves to be by coming together.”

First, he said thank you to Dan Newton, the city manager, for his leadership and ability to manage the municipality.

“Your dedication and commitment are desirable,” he said. “You impressed me immensely. You gave everyone equal attention and wagered divided direction and provided an efficient blend of what was asked of you by so many. You were unwavering in your loyalty to Susanville. I appreciate that. Thank you.”

Then the mayor expressed his gratitude to the city employees.

“Thank you to the entire team of staff for keeping up with the challenges while holding strong to the many wins you have provided from one end of the cornhole field to the 50-yard line of community engagement and everything else that you did. Thank you for looking out and for looking in.”

The mayor also thanked those who share different opinions.

“And basically, to all of us to consider the benefit we have by coming together and setting aside the tiniest of differences. We must self-reflect in order to grow, or we die young while our bodies decay. We vote with our dollars, yet we cling to our clubs bewildered and betrayed. Our city’s spirit pulses with the enduring rhythms of the old and the vibrant melodies of the new. In blending tradition with innovation, we forge a welcoming community, irrespective of one’s affinity for the past or their embrace for the here and now — which is reality.

“Consider the possibility that true strength lies in not rigidly holding on to familiar habits, but the courage to explore new ideas. Remember, comfort can be peace and a prison. Two years since last we voted. We elected councilmembers of diverse thought and faced decisions that tested our readiness for change. Our recent elections have further illustrated the eclectic nature of our community’s voice. Even still, we are not of one mind.

“So, what does victory for us look like? It seems individuals often gauge their self-worth not by the serenity they possess or the tranquility they bestow but rather by the gap between them and others. Our life’s measure in not in the divisions we forge, but in the enduring legacy of advancment and honesty we bequeath.

“May we foster a society rich not in solitary conditions but in our shared wisdom and learn from each other the intangible yet invaluable currency of understanding, empathy and mutual respect. We are all the ingredients of opportunity… “

“It’s important to pay attention to our elections. I welcome everybody that’s here. I think it’s awesome. I think our community is speaking … I am so excited to work with you (the three newly elected councilmemebers) and so excited to see what you do with these two fine people up here (the other councilmembers) and how you bring our community together. I’m super stoked.

“We’re not ready to go to the moon. Our community may say ‘we don’t want to go a million miles an hour,’ but I do, and I have to respect that. But we’re also saying at the same time we got to go faster than the speed limit. We’ve got to make decisions and we’ve got to take it seriously.”

Publisher’s note: Lassen News thanks McCourt, Mayor pro tem Thomas Herrera and Councilmember Kevin Stafford for their service to the city of Susanville and welcome new council members Dawn Miller, Curtis Bortle and Patrick Parrish.