Mayor invites residents to come discuss proposed apartment complex project

In case you hadn’t noticed, the public’s ire and disapproval following a recent Susanville Planning Commission meeting where a proposed 75-unit apartment complex located between Numa and Cameron roads along Skyline Drive was discussed continues to burn red hot.

A reader sent a copy of this notice to We attended the meeting.

Flyers distributed in the neighborhood announced an opportunity to meet with Susanville Mayor Quincy McCourt at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 21 at his Life in the Ville business at 1420 Main St. More than a dozen residents showed up.

Anyone who knows the mayor knows about his belief and insistence on the importance of dialog and communication, and he said that was his intent in arranging the meeting that went on for about an hour.

A group of Susanville residents gather on the sidewalk outside his business, waiting for the mayor’s arrival.

McCourt made it clear he wasn’t taking a side on the development one way or the other, and his goal was to hear what the residents, many of whom had attended the planning commission meeting, had to say, and to clear up some misinformation he said he heard at that meeting, which was also attended by City Administrator, Dan Newton.

If the project moves forward from the planning commission, it may come before the Susanville City Council.

A map of the proposed project.

The residents expressed many reasons they opposed the possible development — lack of proper, legal notification, water issues, sewer capacity, sidewalks, inappropriateness of the project for the neighborhood, zoning issues, not in my backyard, a possible rezone of the property and the effect of the developer’s alleged ongoing conflicts with both city and county government.

The mayor listened without much direct comment, and then described the best process for those who opposed this project to follow, such forming a citizens’ group, appointing a representative from that group to address the city and staying involved. He said it’s easier for city staff to deal with one person rather than possibly the hundreds who might be against the project.

He said he wasn’t telling them what to do or what words to use; he was offering a way to move forward that might best serve the interests of both the city and the residents.

While many of the residents seemed angry when they arrived at the meeting, the seemed happier and more optimistic when they left, although it’s clear they still vehemently oppose the project.

The next Susanville Planning Commission will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 28 at the Susanville City Council Chambers, 66 N. Lassen St. Expect a large crowd.