The Wet N’ Reckless team includes Jesse Midgley, back left, Jay Badeker, Trevor Wood, Daniel Peters, Taylor Hagata, Christian Siemer, Wyatt Hanson, Brad Hanson, Robin Schlosser, front left, Kelli Williams, Jenn Williams, Tori Hagata, Megan Novosad, Amy Holman, Courtney Williams and, of course, mascot Charlie. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Meet slow-pitch softball team Wet N’ Reckless

The adult slow-pitch softball season is well underway with a total of 21 teams taking on the diamonds at Riverside Park in Susanville. Nine of which are coed teams

Wet N’ Reckless, one of the coed teams engaged in the season, found themselves ranked third for the division with a season record of 5-2 as of Friday, June 16.

Of the seven recorded games, Wet N’ Reckless played against Smokin Meatsticks, Juggernauts, No Glove No Love and Bad Intentions in May. Their first three games in June were against Fever Pitch, Scared Hitless and Sore Losers.

Wet N’ Reckless is a team made up of friends and family who have known one another for many years.

The team was established in 2013 when team manager, Kelli Williams, proposed the idea and sparked interest among the players.

Tori Hagata puts all of her focus into hitting the ball during a game at Riverside Park. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Of the fifteen members, Williams said many of the some have had more than 10 years of experience playing softball, but most have learned what they know from playing in the city league for the past four years.

As for the other eight teams in the coed division, Wet N’ Reckless views Smokin Meatsticks and Off Constantly as their largest competitors.

The team goal of Wet N’ Reckless is to have fun and always improve their record. The team name reflects their goal, as many players expressed there is hardly anything better than bonding over some refreshments with a great group of friends.

Williams commented, “Ever since we have started our team, we have gotten compliments about being the best all-around team. In the last four years, we have improved a lot in every area.”

She later continued, “This is a great summer activity to do with our friends and family. We enjoy our summer evenings at the field. Win or lose, we start and end every game in good spirits.”

As of now, the team is looking forward to one game to finish off the month of June. On Thursday, June 29, Wet N’ Reckless will be playing against No Glove No Love.

According to Williams, “We always hope for a good game, good hits and good catches/plays on the field.”