After the 19-2 win against TKAT, the Susanville Peaches Rudy Nicholas, back left, Roxy Nicholas, Lovey Gower, Callie Wemple, Tiffany Hinkson, Nycki Lofton, Natalie Gonzalez, Mandy Jaso, front left, Myrissa Greer, Niki Hahn, Vanessa Haro, Molly Boulanger and Mary Bianchini pose for a group photo with children Jude Jaso, front left, Jonah Jaso and Kershaw Gonzalez, back right. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Meet slow-pitch women’s team Susanville Peaches

With two years of experience under their belt as a team, the Susanville Peaches are back on the field hoping to claim the title of top team.

The Susanville slow-pitch softball league is entering week eight of the 2017 season, which means the four women’s teams will be playing their 13th game this Friday, July 7.

The ladies of the Susanville Peaches have faced the three other women’s teams a total of four times each thus far. On Friday, the Susanville Peaches will be playing round four against NST.

Niki Hahn shows great form right before sending the softball flying on June 27. Photo by Ashley Grogan

With their name inspired by the movie, A League of Their Own, Susanville Peaches started playing for the slow-pitch softball city league because of Tanya Costello.

Costello, the current team manager, decided it was time to bring together friends and family who she thought would play well with one another. Because of her dedication to creating the perfect team, many members met for the first time.

Since the team was created, the Susanville Peaches have worked hard toward some of their many goals as a group.

One such goal is to keep drama away while keeping a healthy sense of competition.

In addition, the ladies of the Susanville Peaches have set a goal to have fun all season long. They would love to win the tournament, but the ultimate focus is to continue to get to know each other better.

Though some of the teammates were introduced to one another for the first time two years ago, the team is now united. The sense of camaraderie has multiplied with each season together, and now, the ladies are united as one strong team.

According to one Susanville Peach, the experience level varies from teammate to teammate. One woman on the team is brand new to the sport, though one couldn’t tell from watching her play. Others have been playing since early childhood days.

“Since some of us have played in high school and college, but we don’t have that opportunity anymore, this is our chance to still play,” said player Mary Bianchini.

As of Friday, June 23, the Susanville Peaches are ranked second for the women’s division. Their record was 6-4 as of June 23, but this hasn’t stopped the ladies from working hard toward the ultimate goal of victory.

Susanville Peaches are second to Bad News Babes, the women’s team with a record of 9-1 as of June 23.

Behind Susanville Peaches are NST, ranked third with a record of 4-6, and TKAT, ranked fourth with a record of 1-9.

The Susanville Peaches will be starting the second week of July with a game against TKAT on Monday, July 10 at Riverside Park in Susanville.