Megan Kelly calls it ‘a social contagion’

Moms and Dads across America are “concerned about what their children are being taught in schools. They’re worried that their children and grandchildren are being silently transitioned.  And they see how unfairly girls and women are treated when we encourage biological men to play in women’s sports,” said Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens and host of the Better For America podcast. She made her remarks during an interview with attorney, journalist and TV personality Megyn Kelly, who is, perhaps, best known for her interviews and commentaries on the Fox News Channel.

“I had a very early introduction to the trans thing when someone in my extended family went from male to female back when no one did this; it was a scandal and it was very hard for the family,” Kelley said. “We were all shocked by it. It is a social contagion now. And not just that, they’re abusing children. It’s actually evil what they’re doing to them and they’re demanding the rest of us to go along with it. They’re hurting girls in sports. They’re hurting women in bathrooms and locker rooms. They’re everywhere. It’s not a matter of a tiny sliver of society that we should just try to be respectful of and not bully.  They’re bullying us. I think others who are empathetic, like I was, really need to understand that empathy these days means something else. We need to be empathetic toward the women and the girls who are getting bullied every day.”

But, said Kelly, things have changed. President Biden has edited Title IX regulations and the mainstream media has ignored it.

“It hasn’t been covered nearly enough in my judgment,” she said. “I don’t know that people fully understand what happened with the stroke of his pen. He’s changed the definition of women. Through his agency, the department of education, which is a bunch of unelected bureaucrats, he’s made it so that Title IX, which previously supported and protected girls and women now protects men and boys pretending to be women and girls as well. And so, what this does, as a practical matter, is to allow men and boys into our locker rooms, into our bathrooms. So if your daughter is getting changed for seventh grade field hockey and a boy comes into her locker room and says, I’m a girl and I want to change in here too, there’s nothing she can do about it. Thanks to this administrative agency rule that never was voted on by any of our lawmakers.”

Kelly pointed out that if the president had sought Congressional approval before making this decision, Republicans would have stopped it. Weber suggested that decision, as well as President Biden’s faux pas at this year’s White House Easter Sunday lawn party may impact his future. During that gathering he declared that rather than it being a religion-based day it should be renamed to Trans Visibility Day. Kelly remarked that it might impact how people will vote come November.