Memorial weekend – Savor your time  

Summer officially begins this weekend and most of us love summer.

Millions of Americans will enjoy having a weekend free from work next weekend.

However, not everyone will be vacationing. Keep in mind that many Americans will keep the convenient stores, grocery stores, restaurants and many retail stores open for your shopping pleasure. Many of these hard-working people will have a day off but it may not be Monday or even during the weekend. They are a hard-working group in our country who will make it possible for you to be out and about having a fun weekend. Let them know you appreciate their work. Be kind to them. Tip them as you are able and don’t give them any grief. Most likely they would like to be out enjoying the holiday just like you.

Slow down this weekend. You can drive 65 to 70 miles per hour and arrive at your destination just the same as driving 75 to 80 mph. Take your time and converse some with your passengers.

Enjoy the drive and scenery. There are lots of crazy drivers on the nation’s highway. People will pass you going 90 mph. Motorcycles will weave in and out of traffic. People will ride your bumper and honk their horns at you. Let them go and focus on your own driving. So many people will be on the highway this weekend that it’s critical to not be in a hurry.

Leave early so you don’t have to hurry. Be sure you are packed the day before you start out. Have everything ready before you go to bed at night. Don’t try to do anything extra the day you are traveling.

Cemetery time. It’s nice to have all the graves decorated on Memorial Day. The main point is to decorate your family graves when you can. Your deceased family would not want you to have a heart attack over decorating their grave. This is one reason why some people are cremated today – so the remaining family won’t have to stress out about grave maintenance and decoration although most choose cremation because of cost. You can put flowers on a grave in April or June. Why not select an off day when you can really take the time to visit your family graves and update your remembrances? If you decorate in a hurry then you are going to miss out on the joy of doing it right.

Honor and remember our soldiers this weekend. Remember those who paid the ultimate price so that you and I can be out and about enjoying the holiday.

Whatever you do this weekend, soak in your time. Wherever you are, be all there and savor the moment.