Michael Hastey 05/07/2002- 02/18/2022

Michael Hastey.

As Michael’s birthday quickly and painfully approaches us, and the 2-year mark of his death sadly passed us by, our son, brother, cousin, friend, grandson, and the many other wonderful things Michael Hastey was to us will forever be remembered.  While we are deeply struggling to cope with his loss, we feel that because he spent so much time in Lassen County as a young child, an obituary is appropriate and well overdue.

Michael was born to Jason Hastey and Wendy Greene at 11:07 p.m. May 7, 2002.

Michael attended school in Susanville, mostly all his early educational years, going both to Richmond Elementary and Johnstonville Elementary. Michael learned how to beautifully play piano in Susanville and was immensely good at it. He has siblings and other people he considered to be family in Lassen County that he loved very much.

Michael was born at just 25 ½ weeks gestation and barely survived his birth. We have always been thankful to Dr. Paul Davainis who without his quick thinking, Michael would most definitely not have survived being born. Michael fought hard to live and after spending months trying to survive on a ventilator, miraculously, he made it.

Michael was full of love and empathy for other humans. He would give the shirt off his back and his last dollar in his pocket if it meant helping someone. He loved the Lord and was a very faithful Christian. He was in the Word every single day, including the day he died, where he left his family a note written in his Bible with the date of Feb 18, 2022.  He was a better human than us and had more forgiveness in his heart than anyone we have ever known.

Michael has many siblings, who are left beyond heartbroken and are still trying to figure out life without him physically here. He always loved each of his siblings unconditionally and missed the ones he didn’t get to see. It hurt him beyond measure to not see them grow, which he in no way deserved. Michael has two namesakes now that both carry his name, two baby nephews he never got to meet.

Michael loved animals and volunteered at an animal shelter. He would always be sad to leave the animals at the end of the day. He would have brought them all home with him if he could.

Michael was the first one to say, “I will help” to anything that was needed for anyone, whether it be carrying groceries in, or a listening ear to someone in need. He had the best manners, always saying please and thank you and always concerned about everyone’s needs, aside from his own.

Michael loved midnight snacks and had quite a sweet tooth. He loved family breakfasts and loved to laugh! We’ve never laughed so hard with anyone as we all have with Michael. His laugh was contagious, and we still cannot believe we will never hear it again. His laugh and sense of humor were healing for so many people, and people loved being around him. Michael was full of life and adventure and couldn’t wait to one day live off-grid in the mountains and bask in nature. He loved the outdoors and the trees so much; he would hike almost daily. In 2018 he completed a 60-mile hike in The Trinity Alps Wilderness. Because of Michaels love of nature, some of Michael’s ashes have been left in the Humboldt Redwoods in the Avenue of The Giants, Eagle Falls-Lake Tahoe, and on the beach in Trinidad, California, among other places around the entire globe.

Michael Hastey.

People have called our family from all over the world to talk about Michael. The calls and messages still pour in, sometimes daily. People came from all over the world to be at his service, including a few Lassen County residents who remembered Michael’s sweet demeanor when he was a small child. He was loved more than anything in this world and living without him is something we will forever be learning to do, minute to minute. The pain of losing him is unbearable. His mother mourns him every second, as she feels she has always done, even before his death. She is beside herself and will never recover from losing Michael.  He truly was the rock in the center of the family.  Everyone had their own special relationship and connection with Michael, and he honored all of them. He somehow made time for everyone! Even now, we get messages from people who knew Michael and want to tell us about something special he did for them. It blows us away how many people he touched in such a short life.

Attached is a link to one of the songs played at his service, which is about mental health and Michael’s mindset most days. The poem is a reminder of what we hope and believe Michael to be feeling now. Michael loved music and always had something playing. We have run out of room but could write all day about Michael Hastey and the human he was and was striving to be. We won’t say “grew up to be” because he never got a chance to grow up. He was still a child when he died, and never even learned to drive a car.  He did, however, graduate early from high school and was very proud of that accomplishment.

Childhood PTSD is real, and it stole Michael from this life. The world lost someone who we all could learn from.