Carli Lewis pitches two great games against the Yreka Miners on April 18. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Miners defeated by Lady Grizzly softball

The Lassen High School varsity softball team hosted the Yreka Miners to a doubleheader on Tuesday, April 18. Lassen’s hospitality only stretched so far, however, as the Miners soon suffered the wrath from Lady Grizzlies on the hunt.

The first game was called after four and a half innings with the Grizzlies in the lead 11-1. Game two lasted until the top of the seventh inning before being called with a 4-1 Lassen win.

Game one was a guaranteed Grizzly win from the get-go. After the Miners took to the defensive line with 0-0 still on the board, the Grizzlies unleashed their inner beasts and scored four runs.

Still without a single run, the Miners finished off the top of the second inning and braced for the Grizzly comeback, but clearly they were still not fully prepared. Lassen scored three runs in the bottom of the second.

With the 7-0 score still present by the start of the fourth quarter, the Miners finally gathered up enough strength to score a run. Despite their efforts, though, the Grizzlies were determined to keep the lead. Lassen scored four more runs in the bottom of the fourth to total out their score for game one.

Of the Lady Grizzlies’ 11 runs, three were scored by junior player Dani Nevis, and senior Jessie Kerby, sophomore Lainey Nevis, junior Christina Torres and junior Fawn Robinson each scored two.

Torres led the team in RBIs with a total of five. Ava Steele was close behind with four in her credit, and Carli Lewis was responsible for two.

Two of the best hits seen during the game were made by Torres and Steele as the girls hit a home run and a triple, respectively.

Lewis pitched the entirety of the game and was named the winning pitcher. While Lewis gave away one hit, one run, one walk and one error, she also struck out 14 of 18 batters faced throughout the game.

After such an outstanding performance, the Lady Grizzlies decided to tone it down for the second game against the Miners.

In contrast, the Yreka girls tried their best to crank up their performance. However, their hard work resulted in merely one run in the first inning, and no more to follow in innings two through seven.

Lassen graciously allowed the Miners their feeling of victory with the 1-0 leading score until the bottom of the fourth inning. After three and a half innings on the losing side, the Lady Grizzlies served up another whooping.

During the bottom of the fourth inning, Lassen scored four runs and waited for any additional attempts from the Miners. With no counteraction taken by Yreka, the Grizzlies allowed their score to remain at four until the win was declared.

Lassen’s four runs were scored by Lewis, Lainey Nevis, Steele and Torres. Lewis was credited with two RBIs while Josephine Carmen and Dani Nevis each brought in one run.

Dani Nevis and Katie Turner both turned heads with their doubles hit during the game. In addition, Lainey Nevis and Torres also caused wild cheers from the fan section with a total of three bases stolen between them.

The game’s winning pitcher was again Lewis after a great show during all seven innings.

Lewis gave up two hits, one run and two walks. She also struck out 15 of 29 batters faced and clearly gave the Grizzlies a great lead defensively to ensure the victory once more.