Montana man sentenced to 30 years in prison for child sexual abuse

Robert Michael Arellano

Robert Michael Arellano, 37, was sentenced this week to 30 years in prison for child sexual abuse, according to a post on the Lassen County District Attorney’s Facebook page.

In March 2021, a Montana initiated prosecution against Arellano for sex crimes against a child. During that investigation, it was discovered that there was another child who endured abuse at the hands of Arellano in Lassen County some years ago, and the Montana prosecutor forwarded that portion of the case over. That minor was reinterviewed at the request of LCDA Investigations with the assistance of the Montana prosecutor’s office and did disclose acts of child sexual abuse that had occurred in Lassen County.

The Lassen County District Attorney initiated charges against Arellano and issued a warrant for his arrest, pending the resolution of his case in Montana. In December 2021, Arellano was convicted of his crimes in the Montana case and was sentenced in May 2022. He became available for extradition back to California in December 2022.

Arellano took responsibility for his crimes against the minor in Lassen County on May 10, 2023, avoiding the need for a jury trial.

At sentencing, the minor and two family members, supported by additional friends and family, gave impassioned impact statements about the effects of the defendant’s actions had on them and will continue to have on them for the rest of their lives. This young person is to be commended for coming forward and their family likewise for their support. We hope with the resolution of the case and by delivering the powerful statement today that this person and their family can finally start to heal and move forward.

Arellano will be extradited back to Montana to serve his sentence as that case is to be considered the “lead” or “controlling” case.

The case was prosecuted by Lassen County District Attorney Rios with victim support provided by the Lassen County Victim Witness program.