More comments from inmate family members

Inmate family members continue to reach out to Lassen News regarding our coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak at High Desert State Prison in Susanville.

One reader wrote: About the High Desert State Prison. The Covid-19 outbreak is getting worse they have now put more than three inmates per 12 x 8 room. The lockdown of all inmates is making it worse. There has to be something that someone can do.

Another reader wrote: In response to your previous article on the COVID related death at HDSP — The recent outbreak was not started due to a transfer, Buis said — As community cases rise, so do those in our prison system. In fact, according to Buis, inmate transfers to the prison have not occurred since Nov. 7.

Right, and their first cases showed up on Nov. 5 in a yard where they had just received 20+ transfers. The fact that they still refuse to take any responsibility and accountability for their negligence is so upsetting. They knew about cases before they reported them. They continued to receive transfers from institutions with COVID positive cases like Folsom, Salinas, and San Quentin.

They will continue to deny their responsibility in the jail and prison outbreaks and because of this, not just the incarcerated population will pay for their actions, but also staff that continue going in and out from institutions to communities.