More money thrown at high-speed rail as it heads off track

Senate Minority Leader Brian W. Jones expressed deep concern and frustration over the continued mismanagement and failure of the high-speed rail project in the state as federal officials highlight additional funding allocations for it.

Brian W.Jones.

“The Biden-Harris Administration recently awarded $3.1 billion to the failed California High-Speed Rail that’s already $95 billion over budget and decades behind completion,” said Jones. “It’s bad enough to waste Californians’ tax dollars on the ‘train to nowhere,’ now all Americans are paying for it. It’s time to defund the high-speed rail. Our state is looking at a large budget deficit and we have much more pressing issues that demand our attention to fix California – like tackling crime, cutting costs, acting on homelessness, and investing in students.”

Despite promises of a modern transportation system, the project has faced significant delays, skyrocketing costs, and has failed to deliver on its intended benefits for Californians.

Even Governor Gavin Newsom admitted to the failure of this project in his State of the State speech in 2019 as he ‘leveled’ about it and said, “But let’s be real. The project, as currently planned, would cost too much and take too long. There’s been too little oversight and not enough transparency.”

Following additional funding of the High-Speed Rail Project in the past, the California Senate Republican Caucus also published a website breaking down the Myths vs. Facts. Click here to review.