The Lassen Community College Class of 2019 participates in the Friday, May 24 graduation ceremony, surrounded by family, friends and loved ones. Guest Speaker Sandy Dugger shares some wisdom with the graduates. Photo by Makenzie Davis

More than 200 LCC grads embark on new adventure

It’s important to have dreams and a strong personal foundation, Banner Lassen Medical Center CEO Sandy Dugger told the Lassen Community College graduates during their ceremony.

At the Friday, May 23, ceremony, 223 graduated from Lassen College, and 89 donned their caps and gowns celebrating their academic achievement.

According to Superintendent/ President Dr. Marlon Hall, of the class of 2019 there were 81 first generation LCC graduates and eight second generation.

The youngest was 18 years old and the oldest graduate this year was 62.

There was a total of 352 associate degrees, 82 associates degrees for transfer, 181 certificates of achievement and 80 certificates of accomplishment.

This year, 29 of the graduates attended Lassen High School, and 40 attended other schools in the county. Seventeen students were Foundation Scholarship Recipients. Two graduated with LCC family members and five graduated alongside a member of their family.

There was one graduate from Palau, and eight international graduates, representing six countries.

As they head into the next phase of their lives, 55 students are transferring to a four-year school.

Moreover, during the ceremony, Davis Murphy was named Alumnus of the Year, the John D. McCollum Scholarship went to graduate Gabi Geoia and Ross Brosius was recognized for his retirement and 45 years of work in education.

The focus, though, was on the graduates who dedicated many hours to taking the next step of higher education.

“A dream gives you something to focus on. Dreams are limitless,” Dugger told the graduates.

She also shred advice her father gave her, which was to have a strong personal foundation.

Many bricks can make up that foundation, she said, including family, education, community, faith, a strong work ethic, integrity, compassion, wisdom, self respect and more.

“Building a strong personal foundation has helped me achieve my dreams. I hope they do this for you, as well.”

She encouraged the graduates to have fun, be true to themselves, to never be afraid to make mistakes, dream big and have a strong foundation.

She ended her speech by quoting Henry David Thoreau: “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

Graduates also heard from student speaker Sarah Bowyer, who graduated with associate degrees in university studies and general studies and a certificate of achievement in CSU general education.

“We were meant to be here,” Bowyer shared with her peers. “… At least for now, we can say graduating college from Lassen College was just meant to be.”

Along the road of their education, there were trials and questions on why they came to LCC — but each graduates journey brought them to be Cougars since it was meant to happen.

“We pushed through … because holding that diplomas in our hands was meant to be,” she said.

And with the accepting of the degrees and the moving of the tassels, the LCC class of 2019 is off to their next adventures.

“Enjoy and cherish these moments,” Dr. Hall said, adding there is nothing more heart warming than to see LCC students complete their degrees and goals and accept their diplomas.