Morgan Summit construction work begins next week

The California Department of Transportation and Steve Manning Construction announced they would begin construction of the Morgan Summit Project on April 13.

The approximately $6.4 million curve realignment project will improve Highway 36 near the town of Mineral, from 0.10 miles to 1.50 miles east of Highway 89, near the south entrance to Lassen Volcanic National Park. And it will take an estimated 95 working days to complete.

This project will improve the roadway alignment, sight distance and clear recovery areas as well as roadway safety, rideability, and sustainability.

The current alignment will be improved by reducing the number of curves from 14 to six and by widening shoulders in both directions.

New guardrail, drainage systems, roadside signs, markers, delineators and striping will also be installed.

During this time, delays up to 20 minutes are anticipated due to construction needs.

For more information about this project, contact the Caltrans District 2 Public Information office at 225-3426 or via email at

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