Music academy suggests musicians should perform at Farmers Markets

According to a statement from Jared Judge, of the Fulltime Music Academy, playing at a local Farmers Market could further a musician’s career.

Here’s Judge’s message: I wanted to share a new opportunity that has been popping up for musicians: performing at farmers markets. Several of our successful Fulltime Music Academy members (myself included) have been booking these gigs and reaping the benefits.

So, what are these gigs all about? Farmers markets are a great place to perform, as they have several built-in opportunities for musicians. Not only can you earn tips, but you can also sell your merch, connect with local businesses, get photos and videos of your performance, and even advertise your services for future gigs (including both public and private events).

While these gigs have a seasonality to them (and that season is now for most of the US), they can be a great way to expand your reach and bring in some extra income during the summer months.

The basic strategy to land these gigs is to research the farmers markets in your area, find the contact information for the person in charge of booking the music (or the organizer of the market if they don’t have music) and pitch your services.

Of course, like any strategy, the money is in the follow-up. Be persistent and keep reaching out until you land that gig.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get in on the action and grow your career.