My retirement is calling

It’s getting hard for me to justify continuing to work and pay taxes. To tell you the truth, I’m tried and just worn out after some 30 years of working and paying taxes.

The last 15 have been the worst as I have witnessed employers do less and less of their part in the process. Between one taking off and owing me and another person wages and owing local vendors money, and another letting the business rot away after it was screwed by another company, I’ve had just about enough of being, “an important part of the operation, known as the American way of life.”

I find it more and more appealing to just work under the table and not pay any taxes to help outwit what it takes to run a national effort, capitalism.

Capitalism isn’t about paying for fire and police. Or is it about paying for a military or a national emergency response agency. Capitalism is about hoarding as much as possible, while having someone slave away for businessmen who hoard the money.

So I will be going into retirement sooner rather than later, working for only cash and not sending in any taxes to a system unwilling to really give back to me for my labor.

Note that you will never see my mug wanting something for nothing, and you will never see me in the welfare line.

Glenn Ausmus