National Weather Service issues Special Weather Statement about thunderstorms, hail, wind, flooding in region

Lassen County residents beware — we may have severe weather headed for our region today. And the threat could continue through Saturday.

According to the Special Weather Statement:

  • Thunderstorms could become strong to severe this afternoon with winds exceeding 50 miles-per-hour and hail greater than 1/2 inch. Localized heavy rainfall remains a concern along with frequent lightning. Winds may also cause areas of blowing dust, especially across the west central Nevada Basin and Range and deserts of northern Washoe County.
  • The threat for heavy rain and potential flooding concerns increase Thursday through Saturday.
  • If you have events or recreation outdoors this week, be sure to have a storm safety plan. A top priority should be a way to quickly seek shelter in the event that a thunderstorm forms nearby. If a sturdy building is not immediately available, a hard-top vehicle with the windows rolled up is a good option for protection from lightning. If possible, consider completing outdoor activities (hiking, biking, etc) in the morning before afternoon/evening thunderstorms develop.
  • Streams and rivers continue to flow fast and cold. Avoid recreating near fast-running waterways. Daily showers and thunderstorms will increase the threat of flash flooding. Have a way to receive weather alerts. Get to higher ground immediately if a nearby river or stream rises quickly, if there is debris in the water, or if the water suddenly becomes muddy.