After finishing up at this whole, Kenny Pritchard, left, Russ Ross, Elmer Peri, Frankie George, Stacey Raffelson, Sandy Raffelson, Angela Maxfeldt and Donnie Maxfeldt join together for double team photo on Sept. 2. Photo by Ashley Grogan

NCCA golf tournament brings friends together

After hosting a successful 5K fun run on the morning of Sept. 2, the Northern California Cancer Advocates held their fifth annual golf tournament to raise funds for local cancer victims in financial need.

Jack Beterbide putts the ball toward the hole during the Northern California Cancer Advocates’ golf tournament held on Sept. 2. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The fundraiser’s proceeds were donated directly to NCCA, which benefits cancer victims in Lassen and Plumas counties. By the day’s end, the event had raised $21,000 for the organization.

The tournament was held at the Diamond Mountain Golf Course, as was the lunch and silent auction available for golfers and community members.

Just as it has in years prior, the popularity of the annual golf tournament has increased at such a rate that multiple four-person teams were paired up at each hole to allow for all participants to play.

The teams who tied for first were the Jackson’s Service Center team and Triple E Investments.

On the former team, David Martin, Dave Solari, Giovanna Zinn and Sophie Wages were united as one to win.

On the latter team, Scott Merrill, Toni Merrill, Brian Dunn and Linda Dunn participated.

Cari Arnold, right, putts the ball with great focus while her husband, Dennis Arnold, supports and guides. Photo by Ashley Grogan

As two teams were tied for first place, the next rank was third. The third-place prize was also a tie between the Uptown Uniforms team as well as the Raffleson Maxfeldt team.

The four participants from the former team included Doug Satica, Kevin Farwell, Giz Polan and Cody Bluyon.

On the latter team, Don Maxfeldt, Angela Maxfeldt, Stacie Raffleson and Sandy Raffleson enjoyed their day spent together.

In addition to the winning teams, the golf tournament also gave awards for golfers who hit closest to the pin. The winners included Jim Miller, Chris Rushkin, Tom French, Jeff Ruggiero, Sophia Wages and Jeannette Kindle.

Many of the winners donated their prize money back to NCCA to further help the cause.

The NCCA is very thankful for all who participated in the 5K that preceded the tournament, the many golfers, all hole and team sponsors and the many community members who came to the event and participated in the raffle and socialization.

NCCA stated they are here for all cancer warriors in Lassen and Plumas counties.