New councilmember looks to the future

Susanville’s newest councilmember, Brian Moore, seen sharing his smile and ideas for the future of Susanville. Photo by Jake Hibbitts

Susanville’s newest city councilmember, Brian Moore, stopped by the Lassen County Times the week before the July 4 holiday to talk about how he got here and a little bit about where he’d like to go.

Moore told the newspaper just how excited his wife and family were for his big win, and Moore himself projected a mood of calm.

Moore said the major reason for running for city council stemmed from, “being born and raised here, and seeing the city changing from when I was a kid.”

Things Moore would like to see range from, “bringing businesses back here,” “a fully staffed police department” and “people feeling safe to get out and do things.”

“After we lost the mill, that was the (primary) industry, other than the prisons that kept the town flourishing,” Moore said, “I just haven’t seen any desire or any push to replace it.”

Moore compared the city to our fast-growing neighbors in the Truckee Meadows area, and said he’s “watching Reno just boom” with all their new economic development.

“We could have some of those things here, I believe,” Moore declared. “Why couldn’t we have a distribution warehouse center that would be some good jobs for people, it’d be closer to distribute for the locals here?”

Moore mentioned his interest in long-term economic growth.

“I know the city’s now talking about maybe trying to sell some (properties) off, which is OK, it brings revenue right now, but it brings a one-time revenue,” he said, Moore said the thing that makes him most proud to be in the community is, “Seeing all of the people who come together and help each other, like the Matt Lively event just a couple of weeks ago. Seeing the amount of support that the community puts in; it’s just a proud community, and I’m proud to be a part of a community that is like that.”

In regards to his accomplishments, Moore is most proud of, “The ability to work with young people and try to give them direction, knowledge and experience and also to learn what they’ve been through.”