This collection of potholes along Main Street and Ash Street is giving drivers another reason to slow down. File photo

New Main Street expected by July 4

Paving for Susanville’s Main Street will begin around June 1 and will be done before July 4, just in time for festivities, parades, the county fair and the summertime traffic boom.

At the April 8 meeting of the Lassen County Transportation Commission, Mike Mogen, Caltrans project manager for Lassen County, told the public about two developments coming in the near future.

One of those projects is the awaited paving of Main Street, which will finish the final portion of a capital preventative maintenance project from the beginning to the end of the city of Susanville.

However, before the paving commences, Mogen said, “We’re going to start electrical work around April 29 … and we’re going to start the curb ramps again on that date.”

Hat Creek Construction is taking on the task, but is currently seeking permits to work outside of allowed hours of construction.

The Rob Singer Group has evaluated the city’s street striping and has come up with several plans. The group is currently in the process of modeling the plans and when Mogen obtains them in the coming weeks, he will present them to the city council. From there, the LCTC will too evaluate the plans for a final review.

The whole project for Main Street will come to a close after the project was stretched into two construction seasons because of consideration for Uptown Susanville family festivities, which happen mostly in the fall and winter seasons.