New poll shows Americans care about local issues

A new poll of Americans, sponsored by the Institute of Politics at Florida State University, provides important information about the perceptions of Americans on local issues that are important to them. Despite many differences across communities, this new survey shows many Americans have similar perceptions about the issues facing their local community

While most national polling focuses on electoral horseraces and issues highlighted by President Biden or members of Congress, the IOP has recently released information about Americans concerns about issues in their local communities.

This new survey finds that under 43 percent of Americans view the quality of local schools as a big or very big problem in their community. In comparison, 61.9 percent view the availability of affordable housing as a big or very big problem and 55.6 percent view drug use and addiction as a big or very big problem locally. Additional results for other issues are below.

“Local issues are important to so many citizens,” said Dr. Hans Hassell, IOP@FSU Director and Associate Professor of Political Science at Florida State University. “The results show that despite our differences, many Americans are concerned about similar things in their local communities.”

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