NFIB endorses Megan Dahle for state senate

The political action committee for California’s largest and leading small business association today announced its endorsements for the legislature.

In all, the NFIB CA PAC endorsed 22 incumbents and candidates running in open seats, five for the State Senate, 17 for the California Assembly.

In our local elections for state office, NFIB endorsed Megan Dahle in her run for the District 1 Senate seat. NFIB did not endorse a candidate for the District 1 Assembly seat.

Incumbents were endorsed based on either their 2021-2022 voting record or their support or opposition to pro- or anti-small business bills in the 2023-2024 session. Endorsements of candidates running in open seats were based on interviews and responses to questionnaires.

The list of endorsed candidates can be read here. The names are hyperlinked to more about them.

“California is not a small business friendly state, so the candidates our PAC endorses have to be proven friends of Main Street enterprises in deeds, not just in words, or have expressed a knowledge and fundamental understanding of the issues troubling the employers who gave most of us our first job opportunity,” said John Kabateck, California state director for the National Federation of Independent Business, speaking for its PAC.

Incessant attacks on independent contractors such as AB 5, proposals to give striking workers unemployment benefits from an insolvent trust fund because the state refused to pay down its debt owed to the federal government, regulatory nightmares such as the new workplace safety plan requirements, and the late acknowledgement that retail theft was a problem were a few of the many examples cited by Kabateck as the reason California is not welcoming to small business.

“We don’t expect the progressives’ vise-grip control of all legislative matters to lessen after one election,” added Kabateck, “it will take a few more. In the meantime, it is hoped the realization that there’s real trouble in River City will dawn on a few.”

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