For the safety of the animals, the local shelter doesn't allow the adoption of black pets this month. Photos by Jake Hibbitts

No black cats and dogs adopted around Halloween

The staff of the Lassen County Animal Shelter has given their official stance on a matter of great importance: No black cats or dogs will be adopted for the month of October. So if you’re looking to give a lonely black cat or dog a forever home, you will have to wait until after Halloween is over. This is strictly for the safety of the animals.

Characters like Thackery Binx in Hocus Pocus, the Simpsons’ Snowball and Snowball II, Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sylvester from Looney Tunes, Lucifer from Cinderella and the cat in Coraline are familiar black cats on television and in movies.

Depending on your view and depending on the story, they come with either good luck or bad luck. Either way, they go hand-in-hand as spooky symbols of Halloween.

However, as icons of a holiday with roots in pranks and hijinks, concerns for the safety of black cats loom large as soon as pumpkins adorn doorsteps.

During the month of October, shelters across the nation weigh the risks of increased harm while facing the lingering concern about their safety around Halloween.

Concerns of torture and abuse keep shelters like Lassen County’s from adopting black cats and black dogs during this time.

It’s no secret that black cats are often steeped in superstition.

The associated folklore surrounding these animals also bears a real effect on finding them a home, giving these kitties some of the lowest adoption rates and highest euthanasia rates out of all felines.

If you’re looking for a magical and mystical furry addition to your home, and not just a Halloween accessory, consider thoroughly, and adopt them from the local shelter in November.