No firearm, no threat at Diamond View School

School officials and the Susanville Police Department responded to a report of Diamond View School student allegedly in possession of handgun on a school bus this morning.

In response to this allegation, DVS officials locked down the school, notified the SPD and launched an investigation. When it was determined there was no threat, the school returned to normal operations.

Here’s some information from a statement by the SPD.

About 8:30 a.m. this morning, Wednesday, Dec. 20, the SPD received a report of a Diamond View School student who may have brought a firearm to school. The information came from students who were on the bus with the student and, as a precautionary measure, school officials placed the school on a “lockdown status.”

Officers arrived and met with the school principal, who identified the student. Investigators learned no gun had been seen, and it was a “statement” that had been overheard by the reporting students while on the bus to school this morning.

School officials and officers contacted the student away from the other children. No firearm was in the student’s possession. The student was interviewed by officers who found the statements made by the student were not an actual threat to the school or any other student(s).

As soon as it was determined that there was no threat, the school issued a notice that it was no longer on lockdown status.

The SPD thanks the school officials for their immediate actions and for contacting our department. These incidents may be rare in our area, but each will be investigated thoroughly and quickly with the safety of the students coming first.

The SPD wants to remind parents that when a school is in lockdown status, all doors will be locked and no entry will be allowed onto the campus so that law enforcement can quickly respond and conduct the investigation. While working with school officials, we all would like to make a quick advisement about the situation, but the safety of our students, faculty, and community comes first, so until we know a situation is safe, please keep a safe distance from the area.