No more excuses: Expert helps professionals uncover and follow their passion

Transformational career coach Jim Panos has empowered career-driven professionals from eight different countries to clarify their greatest passions and transform their lives, and he shares his science-based methodology in his book, “Find Your Passion: How to Create a Career with More Success & Fulfillment.”

“You spend at least one-third of your lifetime at work,” Panos said. “Do you want to spend it feeling empty, stagnant or trapped in a vicious cycle? You can have lots of fun, drastically improve your productivity and earning potential, and live a truly purposeful life if you turn your greatest passion into a new career path. It’s never too soon or too late to start — and the best time is now.”

Panos’ strategies can help readers navigate the winding road of career development — and he has been there himself. Panos was on the precipice of a career in law before he made the life-changing decision to be honest with himself and prioritize his happiness over his father’s expectations. His vision now is “to inspire 3 billion people in 195 countries by 2060 to find their passion at work.”

“Find Your Passion: How to Create a Career with More Success & Fulfillment” delivers Panos’ field-tested techniques to a wide audience and aims to help readers:

  • Rid themselves of lingering excuses, once and for all, that following their passion will leave them broke.
  • Inspire them to discover their No. 1 passion through proven, science-based methodologies.
  • Empower them to overcome their deepest fears and unconscious biases that have been stopping them from building their dream careers and lives.
  • Turn their No. 1 passion into a career with more impact, income and fulfillment.
  • Teach them the skills they need to thrive in the future world of work.

“Are you unsure about your next career move?” Panos asks. “Are you ready to live a life in line with your purpose During the Great Resignation era, you have a unique chance to save thousands of hours of trial-and-error career research, create your dream career and transform your life forever.”

About the Author
Jim Panos is a transformational career coach who supports professionals across the globe to discover their greatest passion and turn it into a more successful and fulfilling career. Panos is a career clarity specialist, talent development consultant and certified professional co-active coach. Accredited by the largest professional coaching organization in the world, the International Coaching Federation, he is a public speaker, author and entrepreneur who is relentlessly committed to people’s success, growth and happiness. 

He attended and completed his professional coaching training at the leading training institute in the coaching industry, the Co-Active Training Institute. Panos always implements and looks for the best professional coaching techniques and training in the world, constantly deepening and honing his coaching skills. The cornerstones of his coaching are passion, positivity, directness, integrity and championing. He’s a law school graduate; speaks English, French, Greek and Spanish; and wakes up every single day to accomplish his vision: to inspire 3 billion people in 195 countries by 2060 to find their passion at work.