Northern liberal cities get a glimpse of the illegal immigration crisis

The mayor of Washington, DC, Muriel Bowser, has declared an “emergency” as a result of the nearly 10,000 illegal aliens sent up by the states of Texas and Arizona in the recent months of the migrant crisis.

“How can we live up to our values and make sure we have a humane, efficient process to deal with a crisis not of our making,” she declared.

The real question is how the border states can live up to the needs of their citizens; they are Americans, and it was the hubris of our Democrats in Washington, including President Biden, the Democrat-led Congress, and people like Bowser, that triggered the historic masses of illegals in the first place.

Congressman Troy Nehls had a lot to say about the issue during a recent interview on the Better For America podcast hosted by Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens. As for Bowser’s complaint about the 10,000 illegals that were sent her way, Nehls pointed out that the state of Texas, alone, has been getting 10,000 illegals every single day. He added that he thinks the border states should be sending more busses north.

In addition to MBowser in Washington, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot are also complaining about the illegal migrant buses that have been sent to their cities.

Nehls noted that they “haven’t seen enough busses. Instead of sending five busses, we should be sending 50 busses or 500 busses. Because if you don’t remember, those cities run by those liberal mayors are welcoming cities, they’re sanctuary cities, bring everybody in [cities]. We sent a few busses and then they start complaining. And here in the state of Texas, we’ve been trying to address this illegal immigration crisis for decades, but specifically for the past 20 months under this administration. Millions of people [are] coming through, causing problems for Texas, causing serious problems for those southern counties. And so now, they’re going to get a little taste of their own medicine they’re whining about it. Give me a break.”

He went on to point out that under President Donald Trump, America had “the most secure border” in four decades. And then came Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Harris is supposed to be Biden’s “border czar,” but she has not visited the border as of yet, said Nehls. He also pointed a finger at Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who claims our southern border is secure.

“It’s all a lie! Mayorkas is a liar,” he declared.

“And now we have a serious problem. We have fentanyl deaths well over 100,000 a year. And it’s coming in from the southern border. And we’ve had more than a few million in [including some 500,000 gotaways}. Those are the individuals that are avoiding apprehension. They’re avoiding detection because most of the two million that have come across wave the white flag. They say, ‘Hey, border patrol, here I am. I’m coming across.’ They’re the ones who are the criminals, the ones with a lot of drugs, maybe bringing women over and children for sex trafficking. Those are the ones I’m truly concerned about because we’ve caught terrorists, 66 of them this year and it only took 15 to take down our buildings on 9/11. So, we’ve got a serious, serious safety issue.”

Nehls went on to discuss political implications for Biden going forward. He believes that Republicans will get back control of the House of Representatives, at least. He pointed out that the president is out there in advance of the midterm elections trying to “fire up his base” by calling Republicans “Trumpers” and “semi-fascists.”

In reply, the congressman said he doesn’t like it when his political rivals call him names.

“I was willing to give my life for this country in Afghanistan and Iraq,” he said. “Be careful what you say about me, Joe Biden! Be careful what you say about the 74 million people who voted for Trump/MAGA Republicans, because he’s coming back. Donald Trump is coming back. I was with him a couple of weeks ago up in Bedminster a day after the raid. So, I’m telling you, he knows that these Democrats will stop at nothing. They’ve been after him for 5 years. [But] he’s going to be the nominee [come the 2024 Presidential Election]. Clear the field.”