NOTICE IS GIVEN THAT the City Council of the City of Susanville will conduct a public hearing to consider adoption of Ordinance No. 22-1038 to adopt by reference the following building codes:

  • California Building Code, 2022 edition
  • California Administrative Code, 2022 edition
  • California Residential Building Code, 2022 edition
  • California Energy Code, 2022 edition
  • California Electrical Code, 2022 edition
  • California Mechanical Code, 2022 edition
  • California Plumbing Code, 2022 edition
  • California Green Building Standard, edition
  • California Existing Building Code – Historical and Referenced Standards codes
  • California Fire Code, 2022 edition

This ordinance is enacted pursuant to Government Code §50022.2 and Health and Safety Code § 18941.5, and regulates all new construction, alterations, repairs, relocations, reconstruction or demolition of any building or any portion thereof including any electrical, mechanical, gas, plumbing or fire protection equipment installed on any property or used on or within any building within the City of Susanville.

Any person may appear at the Public Hearing and be heard regarding the matters under consideration. Copies of the proposed codes being considered for adoption are on file with the City Clerk and are open for public inspection during regular business hours.

The hearing will take place on November 2, 2022, at 5 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the agenda permits in the Council Chambers of the City of Susanville located at 66 North Lassen Street, Susanville, California. For more information please call (530) 252-5103.

Dated: October 20, 2022

October 27, 2022

Heidi Whitlock, City Clerk

City of Susanville