Notice Of Qualification Requirement And Competitive Selection Process

The Seneca Healthcare District (“District”) hereby gives notice that it intends to request competitive proposals for Design-Build services for the Replacement Critical-Access Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility and Outpatient Services (“Project”), and that the District has determined that Design-Build Entities must be qualified prior to submitting a proposal. Qualification Statements must be submitted no later than:

1 July 2022, 3pm PDT.


The purpose of the Project is to design and construct on a greenfield site as defined with the project description in RFQ Project Narrative. The construction phase of the Project is estimated to cost approximately $32M.

The Project will consist of the design and construction of an approximately 55,000sf, single-story, new Acute-Care Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility and Ambulatory Surgery Center/Clinical Care Building to replace their existing aged hospital facility including:

  • 10-bed acute including 2-bed negative pressure isolation rooms shared within ED
  • 3-bed private emergency room
  • Trauma/procedure room within ED
  • 26-bed skilled nursing facility to expand resources for the community & profitability of skilled nursing
  • PT/OT/ST within outpatient clinic / skilled nursing facility
  • Relocation of walk-in clinic to allow for transfer of patients based on acuity within one building
  • Imaging to include x-ray, dexa, CT, and MRI via trailer
  • OR, procedure room, & 4-bed patient recovery in ASC
  • On-campus heliport
Mandatory RFQ Conference:21 June 2022, 3pm PDT
Last Day for Questions:24 June 2022, 5pm PDT
Submittal Deadline:1 July 2022, 3pm PDT

Request for copies of the RFQ or questions regarding the Qualification Process should be forwarded to:

Donna Huntingdale, PE

District Project Manager via Building Rx