Only local residents can save the leaf collection program

It sure is hard to believe, and even harder to imagine the need for an editorial to ask city of Susanville residents to make sure they don’t include garbage and other items in their bags of leaves the city of Susanville disposes of as part of its annual leaf collection program.

The program that has served city residents for many years is now in danger because some residents include items other than leaves when they drop off their bags at a green waste dumpster located at the intersection of Numa Road and Skyline Drive from Oct. 28 through Dec. 12 (and maybe even longer).

The program also serves residents who are not able to take advantage of it by themselves. Citizens who are handicapped and/or elderly, or who are unable to drop off the leaves at the designated location are encouraged to call the city’s public works department at 251-8288 for pick up of the bagged leaves.

The city, in cooperation with C&S Waste Solutions, provides the service so residents may dispose of their leaves completely free of charge. The bags of leaves are transported to the California Correctional Center where they are opened and the leaves scattered by inmates on agricultural fields. As one might imagine, when the bags contain items other than leaves, they pose a serious security risk for CCC.

All local residents need to do is make sure their bags contain leaves and leaves alone to ensure the continued existence of this program. Come on, people. Let’s not ruin this worthwhile program for no good reason.