Opportunity To Comment , Lassen OHV MVUM Update Project

Legal Notice

Opportunity To Comment

Lassen OHV MVUM Update Project

USDA Forest Service

Lassen National Forest


The Lassen National Forest is initiating the comment period for the Lassen OHV MVUM Update Project. The Lassen OHV MVUM Update Project has been proposed to enhance and diversify off highway motorized recreation opportunities, increase the mileage and connectivity of existing roads available to off-highway vehicles, provide for public safety and resource protection, and update the Lassen Motorized Vehicle Use Map.

The analysis for this project covers approximately 147.8 miles of road located throughout the Lassen National Forest. The approximate legal locations include: Township 26N, Range 5- 6E; T27N R6,9E; T28N, R3-5E, T29N, R3-6,9E; T30N, R9E; T31N, R6-7E; T32N, R3,6-8,10E; T33N, R6-8E; T34N, R5-7E; T35N, R7E; T38N, R4E; T39N, R4E; and T40N, R4E, Mount Diablo Base and Meridian.

The Lassen National Forest has prepared an Environmental Analysis (EA) to present the environmental consequences of the Proposed Action analyzed in detail. A comment period is being provided for this EA pursuant to 36 CFR 218.22 and is intended to provide those interested in or affected by this action an opportunity to make their concerns known prior to a decision being made by the Responsible Official. An electronic version of the EA document and maps can be found at the Lassen National Forest website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/project/?project=55457

While participation in this analysis is always welcome, and will be considered at any time prior to decision, only written comments specific to this assessment provided by the close of the comment period can give standing for objection and be considered in time for the next step in the process.

How to Comment and Timeframe

Written, hand-delivered, and electronic comments will be accepted for 30 calendar days following publication of this notice in the Lassen County Times. Because print editions of this “newspaper of record” are no longer available, the date of publication on the website at lassennews.com is the exclusive means for calculating the comment period for this proposal. You should not rely upon dates or timeframe information provided by any other source. It is the responsibility of all individuals and organizations to ensure that their comments are received in a timely manner. Moreover, the regulations prohibit extending the length of the comment period (36 CFR 218.25(a)(l)(iv)). Individuals and organizations wishing to be eligible to object must meet the information requirements of 36 CFR 218.25(a), including specific written comments as defined in 218.2 regarding the proposed project, along with supporting reasons (218.25 (a)(30(iii)). The commenter is responsible to provide the literature cited in their comment, as well as the full citation and explanation of how each piece of literature cited applies to the environmental analysis. Each individual or representative from each entity submitting timely and specific written comments regarding this project must either sign the comments or verify upon request (218.24(b)(8)). All written comments received by the responsible official become a matter of public record (218.35(b)(2)). Only those who respond to this request for comments will remain on the mailing list for this project. Commenters must respond in writing before the end of the 30 calendar days for input to be accepted. Only those who submit timely and specific written comments (218.2) regarding the proposed project or activity during a public comment period established by the responsible official are eligible to file an objection (218.24(b)(6)). For issues to be raised in objections, they must be based on previously submitted specific written comments regarding the proposed project or activity and attributed to the objector.

Written comments may be submitted to: Deb Bumpus, Forest Supervisor, ATTN: Lassen OHV MVUM Update Project, Lassen National Forest Supervisor’s Office, 2550 Riverside Drive, Susanville, CA 96130.

Electronic comments, in acceptable formats (.doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt), may be submitted to: comments-pacificsouthwest-lassen@usda.gov with Subject: Lassen OHV MVUM Update Project.

For additional information regarding this project, please contact Chuck Lewis at chuck.a.lewis@usda.gov.

A decision regarding this proposal is expected in November 2022. Thank you for your interest and participation in the environmental analysis process.