Owner continues to search for her missing German shepherd lost in a rollover accident near Termo three years ago

Here are a couple of things of which we all can be certain — hope springs eternal and the affection we feel for a beloved animal never dies.

On March 22, 2021, Riley — a spayed and microchipped female German shepherd with a black/beige coat who answers to her name — rode in Amanda Taylor’s 2013 Ford Focus on Highway 139, 3.5 miles north of Termo Grasshopper Road headed toward Susanville when Taylor hit an icy patch of road in a whiteout snowstorm and lost control of her vehicle. After three or four rollovers and hitting a boulder along the way, Taylor suffered a concussion and lost consciousness. She awoke hanging upside down in her vehicle suffering minor injuries thanks to the safety of her seatbelt. She managed to escape the restraint and crawl out the shattered back window. She immediately looked for Riley, but she was nowhere to be found.

Amanda Taylor’s wrecked vehicle.

Taylor continues to search for her now 14-year-old German shepherd, and three years after the accident she still seeks the community’s support and asks residents to remain observant and report any sightings that may help her reunite with Riley.

After the CHP, paramedics and volunteer firefighters surveyed the scene, they determined there was no blood from the animal nor signs she was ejected from the vehicle, leaving hope for Taylor that Riley would be found.

Amanda Taylor’s dog, Riley.

Taylor said the day after the crash, Riley was seen running outside of Adin and later near the Red Barn in Bieber. perhaps trying to make her way back home to Washington.

“I know she was still out there,” Taylor said, “but after that … “

Taylor spent a week near the crash site and continued to search from her home in Washington. To this day, she has never given up hope that they will one day be reunited. Taylor has been in communication with law enforcement, animal shelters, German shepherd rescues and residents in the surrounding areas of Adin/Bieber, Susanville, the Northern and Southern California megaregions to spread the word about the search.

Taylor said she left some articles of her clothing, food and water and even set up a trail camera, but no sign of Riley.

“I had her since she was 10-months old, and she was my everything,” Taylor said. “Until I have a body or her collar, she could still be out there. Every year I just keep putting the story out there because I just don’t want her to be forgotten. I know she’s just a dog, but she was my dog and it was such a tragic, traumatic thing that happened. She always wore a harness in the car when we traveled, but she wanted to get down on the floor, so I unhooked her. It was that one time. Like they say, it just takes one time. It’s so unfortunate.”

Each year, on the anniversary of the accident, Amanda sends postcards to several organizations in the area, to keep the search for Riley alive. In 2021, she set up a Facebook page to further her reach and has received generous support from community members.

Taylor said people send her heartwarming stories about people being reunited with their lost dogs, and she appreciates them.

“I will never give up hope that maybe one that will happen to me,” Taylor said.

Tayor said she knows Riley is getting older but when she was 11 her vet said her condition was more like a 7-year-old dog, and that Riley was expected to live a long life.

If you or anyone you know has seen Riley or has any information about her whereabouts, call  Taylor at (760) 895-8070 or email findrileythegermanshepherd@gmail.com.