Pacific Gas and Electric Request to Increase Rates

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Acronyms you need to know
PG&E: Pacific Gas and Electric Company
CPUC: California Public Utilities Commission

Why am I receiving this notice?
On July 22, 2022, PG&E filed an additional request in its 2023 General Rate Case application, known as Track 2 Request.

Track 2 includes reasonableness review as well as recovery of $205.7 million in incremental expense and $129 million in incremental capital expenditures. These costs are related to important safety and reliability work on PG&E’s gas transmission and storage system as well as modernizing the electric distribution system. Costs are also related to electric distribution system upgrades to enable Caltrain electrification.

Why is PG&E requesting this rate increase?
Every four years, PG&E is required to file a General Rate Case application with the CPUC. In its original application, PG&E proposed a multi-track procedural schedule with Track 2 including a reasonableness review of certain costs included in the Gas Storage Balancing Account and certain costs related to the Mobile Home Park Pilot Program. Track 2 also includes incremental cost recovery for Gas Transmission and Storage accounts, two electric distribution accounts and system upgrades to enable Caltrain electrification.

If approved and subject to the timing of the CPUC decision, PG&E will begin to recover these amounts in rates beginning August 1, 2023. PG&E is proposing to recover electric costs over a one-year period and recover gas costs over a two-year period.

How could this affect my monthly electric rates?
Many customers receive bundled electric service from PG&E, meaning they receive electric generation, transmission and distribution services. The bill for a typical residential customer using 500 kWh per month would increase from $167.23 to $167.37 or 0.1%.

Direct Access (DA) and Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) customers receive electric transmission and distribution services and select Commission-ordered services from PG&E. On average, rates for services provided by PG&E to these customers would increase by 0.1% if this application is approved. DA providers and CCAs set their own generation rates. Check with your DA provider or CCA to learn how this would impact your overall bill.

Another category of nonbundled customers is other Departing Load. These customers do not receive electric generation, transmission or distribution services from PG&E. These customers will not be impacted by this application.

Electric rate changes from Track 2 are due to incremental cost recovery of the amounts noted above. Actual impacts will vary depending on usage and are subject to CPUC regulatory approval.

How could this affect my monthly gas rates?
Bundled gas customers receive transmission, distribution and procurement services from PG&E. PG&E proposes to recover these costs equally over a two-year period following the Commission decision. The rate and bill impacts will remain in effect for the two-year period, which will complete cost recovery.

Based on rates currently in effect, the bill for a typical residential customer averaging 33 therms per month would increase from $65.24 to $66.17, or 1.4%.

Detailed gas rate information will be sent directly to customers in a bill insert. Gas rate changes from Track 2 are due to incremental cost recovery. Actual impacts will vary depending on usage and are subject to CPUC regulatory approval.

How does the rest of this process work?
PG&E’s Track 2 Request was assigned to CPUC Administrative Law Judges who will consider proposals and evidence presented during the formal hearing process. The Administrative Law Judges will issue a proposed decision that may adopt PG&E’s Request, modify it, or deny it. Any CPUC Commissioner may sponsor an alternate decision with a different outcome. The proposed decision, and any alternate decisions, will be discussed and voted upon by the CPUC Commissioners at a public CPUC Voting Meeting.

Parties to the proceeding may review PG&E’s Request, including the Public Advocates Office. The Public Advocates Office is an independent consumer advocate within the CPUC that represents customers to obtain the lowest possible rate for service consistent with reliable and safe service levels. For more information about the Public Advocates Office, please call 1-415-703-1584, email: or visit

Where can I get more information?
If you have questions about PG&E’s Track 2 Request, please contact PG&E at 1-800-743-5000. For TTY, call 1-800-652-4712.

If you would like an electronic copy of the filing and exhibits, please write to the address below:

Mail: Pacific Gas and Electric Company
GRC Track 2 Request (A.21-06-021)
P.O. Box 7442
San Francisco, CA 94120

PG&E’s Track 2 Request, accompanying testimony, and related documents are available at:

Please visit to submit a comment about this proceeding on the CPUC Docket Card. Here you can also view documents and other public comments related to this proceeding.

Your participation by providing your thoughts on PG&E’s request can help the CPUC make an informed decision. If you have questions about CPUC processes, you may contact the CPUC’s Public Advisor’s Office at:

Mail: CPUC
Public Advisor’s Office
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
Call: 1-866-849-8390 (toll-free) or 1-415-703-2074

Please reference the GRC Track 2 Request A.21-06-021 in any communications you have with the CPUC regarding this matter.