Palestinian lives do not matter in America

Here are some quotations taken from recent news reporting on the Gaza situation.

“Biden is green lighting a far-right leader’s policy in Israel that holds all Palestinians responsible for Hamas.”

Biden’s acceptance of this despotic narrative contradicts everything his party stands for. It would be like America punishing all Mexicans for cartel activity in American cities. Trump and a few other Republican candidates have already said they will implement this same kind of military campaign south of our own border.

“Hundreds in the American Congress have literally said nothing about the loss of Palestinian lives while loudly bemoaning the loss of Israelite lives.”

“Congress held a vigil bemoaning Israeli deaths only, not Palestinian deaths.”

This kind of silence indicates a discriminatory worldview related to religion, ethnicity, national origin, human rights, and wealth that a democratic society is not supposed to have.

Palestinian lives do not matter in America the same way poor black lives do not matter.

And finally, an impressive word of wisdom from a neighboring Arab nation: “Wars are never won. Victory is a myth invented by political leaders to justify the loss of many lives.” (Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan).

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah