Miles Ormachea reminds this Yreka Miner of the consequences of trying to steal second base on April 25. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Panthers grovel at paws of Grizzly baseball players

With the field in promising condition and grass begging to be played on, the Lassen High baseball team has taken advantage.

The Grizzlies took to the road on  April 20 to challenge the U-Prep Panthers in Redding, California.

While the Panthers were initially under the impression that the home field would provide the only advantage necessary to beat the Grizzlies, they were soon proven otherwise.

Lassen left the U-Prep field with the 7-3 win and the satisfaction of knowing how flustered the Panthers had become.

Jagger Delgado catches a fly ball to make the third out for the Yreka Miners during the second inning of the April 25 game. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The teams had started the game well matched as the score immediately jumped to a 1-1 tie by the end of the first inning.

However, Lassen truly threw a curveball in the Panthers’ plans during the third inning. The Grizzlies score four runs without missing a beat and happily claimed the 5-1 lead.

Lassen then scored two more runs during the top of the sixth inning, but U-Prep countered with two runs of their own scored during the bottom of the inning.

The score remained at 7-3, Lassen, for the remainder of the game.

Zach George, Jagger Delgado, Jacob Bennett, Miles Ormachea, Dustin Morgan and Hunter St. Andre scored the Grizzly runs. RBIs were credited to Bennett and St. Andre.

Bennett and St. Andre were also the only two Grizzlies to hit a double, but Malik Delgado, George and St. Andre each stole at least one base throughout the duration of the game.

Darrell Miller and St. Andre split two innings on the mound with Miller facing four batters and St. Andre facing three.

Carson Chavez took over the mound for the rest of the game and pitched a solid five innings. Chavez gave away three hits, three runs and two errors.

On April 21, the Grizzlies decided to graciously host the U-Prep Panthers for a rematch.

The Panthers were eager to take revenge against the Grizzlies after Lassen had left the U-Prep field with the 7-3 win the day before, but the Panther rage wasn’t enough to land the U-Prep boys a win.

The Grizzly victory was more impressive than before, this time with a final score of 10-4.

Lassen quickly took the lead by scoring two runs in both the first and the second inning to bring the score up to 4-0.

The Panthers seemed to finally get their heads out of the clouds by the start of the third inning. They scored three runs to bring the score up to 4-3, but Lassen made three runs of their own to diminish any Panther hope that might have spawned.

Jacob Bennett pitches more than two innings and faces 17 U-Prep Panthers on April 21. Photo by Ashley Grogan

U-Prep made a final attempt to advance their point tally with a run during the top of the fifth inning, but compared to the three runs scored by the Grizzlies in inning six, the accomplishment was hardly worth celebrating.

The ten runs were made by Cole Dyer, Jagger Delgado, George, Miles Ormachea, Miller, Morgan, Chavez and Lively. Chavez and George each scored two of the runs.

Dyer, Jagger Delgado, Miller, Morgan, St. Andre, Chavez and Lively were each credited for bringing in at least one of the runs.

Throughout the game, Malik Delgado, Jagger Delgado and George were each able to steal a base.

As for pitching, the Grizzlies split the six innings fairly evenly among Bennett, St. Andre and Lively.

Bennett and St. Andre each gave away one hit, while Lively gave away four. Bennett gave away three runs and four walks; he faced 17 batters in total. St. Andre gave away two walks of the 10 faced batters. Lively gave away one run and two walks of the 11 batters faced throughout the innings.

The two games combined tallied 17 runs made by the Grizzlies and seven for the Panthers.

The Grizzlies then took on the Yreka Miners on Tuesday, April 25. The result was an 8-5 loss for the Grizzlies with runs scored by Malik Delgado, Jagger Delgado, Miller, Chavez and Lively.

St. Andre, Chavez and Lively pitched for the game with a total of seven hits given, eight runs, five walks and six errors. Combined, the Grizzlies struck out three of 39 batters.