Partisanship aside, we should avoid being duped into another pointless war

The United States has been at war for going on 19 years now in the Middle East. That’s well over half my life. I remember when our country began the hunt for those who perpetrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and then I remember we were told Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Well let’s see, we caught or killed the men who attacked our homeland and were still in Afghanistan. Then we found out there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but we’re still there.

Then starting 2020 off right, we are looking at a possible new war with Iran. On Jan. 2 our president decided to assassinate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ leading general Qussam Soleimani. This general is by no means a good actor and has acted against

U.S. interests before, but the reasonings and explanations as to why we did this are

vague at best.

Also in killing Soliemani, the U.S. has killed the man who helped lead the fight against ISIS in Iraq; as a matter of fact, he was so hated by ISIS there were multiple attempts on his life by the terrorist group. So in essence our government and ISIS shared interest.

If there is one thing I learned from history, it’s that America can lie its way into a war better than most, and by the time we find out it’s a lie, it’s too late.

From the Gulf of Tonkin to the second war in Iraq, our government is notorious for this, so why should we believe them when it comes to the killing of this Iranian general?

This half-hearted attempt to drag us into war, I believe, is just the start because once Iran responds to this provocation, which they have vowed to do, we will go to war.

My generation is the one who that had to fight these wars, and it is my generation that will lead the men and women of our armed forces if we go into another foolish war, so let’s set aside the partisanship, stand as a nation and say, “not another war.”