Plumas announces 20th COVID case

Plumas County Public Health announced this afternoon, July 14, that it has been notified of one additional case of COVID-19 in a resident from the western part of Plumas County (Chester/Lake Almanor) for a total of 20 cases.

The case is now under investigation. More information will be shared if it becomes available.

Here is a breakdown of the cases to date:

No. 1: March 31, Eastern Plumas resident who had been tested at St. Mary’s in Reno.

No. 2: April 2, Eastern Plumas resident (close household contact of the first).

No. 3: April 4, Indian Valley resident.

No. 4: April 10, Lake Almanor resident (rumored to be a false positive).

No. 5: June 15, Eastern Plumas resident.

No. 6: June 18, Quincy resident (close contact with number 5; mild to no symptoms).

No. 7: June 24, Eastern Plumas resident, tested at PDH, mild symptoms.

No. 8: June 29, Eastern Plumas resident, mass testing in Sierra County, symptoms.

No. 9: June 30, Eastern Plumas resident, attributed to Lassen prison outbreak.

No. 10: July 1, Eastern Plumas resident (close household contact of number 7).

No. 11: July 2, Quincy resident, mass testing event, no symptoms.

No. 12: July 6, Eastern Plumas resident.

No. 13: July 7, Western Plumas resident, attributed to Lassen prison outbreak.

Nos. 14 and 15: July 8, two Eastern Plumas Healthcare employees – one lives in Eastern Plumas, the other in South Plumas (one had close contact to the 12th case, an Eastern Plumas resident).

Nos. 16 and 17: July 10, two Eastern Plumas residents from the same household, likely acquired in Reno.

Nos. 18 and 19: July 13, two Western Plumas residents, acquired during a Fourth of July gathering that resulted in a number of confirmed cases in other counties as well.

No. 20: July 14, one Western Plumas resident, investigation underway.