Here’s a map of COVID-19 cases in our region from the Plumas County Public Health Agency. Graphic submitted

Plumas County Public Health reminds citizens follow safe practices

A weekly update from the Plumas County Public Health Agency reminds citizens the COVID-19 risk remains.

“High-risk population, are they still high risk?” the update asks — and then answers, “Yes.”

High-risk population are individuals who are 65 or older, those with compromised immune systems and those with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and lung disease. High-risk populations should continue to be diligent regarding COVID-19 precautions.

The following are precautions persons at high risk should practice:

  • Stay home: ask others to assist with obtaining necessary supplies.
  • Wear face covering in public places.
  • Avoid peak times: If going to public places, choose to go during non-peak times; such as earlier in the morning or later in the evening.
  • Avoid public places that do not implement standard precautions.
  • Frequent hand washing.
  • Practice physical distancing: 6 feet or more.

The following precautions should be taken when interacting with those who are high risk:

  • Standard precautions: wear face covering, maintain physical distance, and frequent hand washing.
  • If you must visit, visit outdoors with at least 6 feet of distance between you.
  • Do not visit if recently engaged in higher risk activities such as; traveling, attendance at an event/place where minimal precautions are taken and/or there is mixing of multiple households and/or individuals outside the community, or if it is possible you have had close contact with a positive COVID-19 individual.
  • Do not visit if you feel sick.