Plumas County’s plan for phase 2 re-opening for business

Lori Beatley, public information officer for the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, released this statement Monday, May 4:

It has been over 40 days since the governor’s executive order was issued and Plumas County is requesting some local flexibility in the governor’s Stay Home Order, including a transition away from an essential/non-essential framework to one based on lower risk/higher-risk. In preparing for the request to be granted or the governor to authorize the state to re-open certain businesses, Plumas County has initiated collaboration with local Chamber of Commerce.

In order to reduce the level of risk of spreading COVID-19 each business should implement a COVID-19 Operation Plan for Businesses which will address implementing risk mitigating practices in the business.

The Plumas County COVID-19 Response team with input from local Chamber of Commerce has developed a template each business can use. The template is intended to assist local business in implementing mitigating practices and can be used in conjunction with any plans already established. This template is not mandatory; however, each business will need to prepare a plan addressing the steps the business will implement to safe guard against the spread of COVID-19. The COVID-19 Operation Plan for Businesses template is located on the county website, in the COVID tab, at

The COVID-19 Operation Plan for Businesses does not need to be submitted to the county for approval; however, the plan must be in writing and accessible to all employees and county officials if requested. The plan may be requested during the course of a contact tracing investigation or if the County receives complaints from the public in regards to unsatisfactory COVID-19 mitigation practices.

COVID-19 Operation Plan for Businesses should address:

  • Signage: Social Distancing and do not enter if sick
  • Measures to protect employees.
  • Measures to prevent gatherings.
  • Measures to prevent unnecessary contact.
  • Measures to increase sanitation.

Plumas County has done an amazing job of slowing the spread of COVID-19 by staying home, practicing social distancing, practicing good hygiene and using face covers while in public. COVID-19 cases are still being identified in areas close to Plumas. Re-opening the county will be a continuous and cautious process. It is also possible that we would have to re-tighten the stay at home order if our local situation changes. Thank you for your patience as we plan for a safe transition towards opening some lower-risk businesses.