Plumas National Forest announces commercial firewood permits available

The Plumas National Forest has begun issuing commercial-use fuelwood permits. All sales will be conducted by telephone and mail as offices remain temporarily closed.

Commercial-use fuel/firewood permits and tags are required when the fuel/firewood collector intends to sell, trade or exchange fuel/firewood. Regulations for commercial-use fuel/firewood and personal-use fuelwood can be found at the Plumas National Forest website at:

Commercial fuel/firewood cutters may call 284-7126, 836-2575 or 283-0555 between 9 a.m. and noon Tuesday and Thursday. Permits will be sent through the U.. Postal Service, generally within one business day. Currently, this is the only process by which to purchase commercial permit. Payment with a credit or debit card is the preferred payment and will result in a fastest response.

Individuals without credit or debit cards may call one of the above numbers and arrange to mail-in a cashier’s check or money order. Cash will not be accepted. Do not forget to include your telephone number and your mailing address when you mail in your payment.

Note: Cashier’s checks and money orders will require more time to process a commercial-use permit.

Other information about the Plumas National Forest may be found at