Plumas National Forest announces free personal-use fuelwood program changes

The free personal-use fuelwood program on the Plumas National Forest has been extended until further notice. Note: while office buildings remain temporarily closed due to the COVID pandemic, services are available virtually.

Permits and tags are not currently required, however, customers must have a copy of woodcutting regulations and a firewood cutting map in their possession and follow those regulations when cutting. Personal-use firewood may not be sold; up to 12 cords may be cut per calendar year.

As a reminder, commercial fuelwood is not part of the free personal-use fuelwood program, and commercial permits must be purchased. Commercial-use fuel/firewood permits and tags are required when the fuel/firewood collector (cutter) intends to sell, trade or exchange fuel/firewood.

Because fuelwood gathering programs differ from Forest to Forest; always check the applicable Forest Regulations before cutting. As always, no green trees may be cut for commercial or personal use.

Obtaining your copy of PNF personal-use firewood regulations and woodcutting map:

  1. Download (click and save to your computer) personal firewood regulations at Maps may be downloaded at: Plumas NF Woodcutting Map (Front – 1.35mb – pdf) and Plumas NF Woodcutting Map (Back – 1.53mb – pdf)]. If you do not have a home printer, Wi-Fi, and/or internet service, use a friend’s or visit your local library for help.

Anyone may access the digital PNF Woodcutting Maps PNF Woodcutting Maps, available for free in the Avenza Store, or they may directly download them by using the QR Codes, both at the end of this news release.

  1. Pick up hard copies or take a photo of a posted copy outside the front entrance of PNF Ranger District Offices in Oroville, Quincy or Blairsden.
  2. Receive a copy by mail. Call your local Ranger District office at 534-6500 (Oroville), 283-0555 (Quincy), or 836-2575 (Blairsden). If your call is not answered directly, there will be an opportunity to leave a voice message. When doing so, speak slowly and clearly, leaving your name and mailing address (repeat twice) and we will mail you a copy.


Obtaining your PNF commercial use firewood permit

Commercial-use fuel/firewood permits and tags are required when the fuel/firewood collector (cutter) intends to sell, trade or exchange fuel/firewood.

All sales are generally conducted by telephone and mail as offices are temporarily closed due to the COVID pandemic. Commercial fuel/firewood cutters may call select Ranger District offices at 836-2575 or 283-0555. Permits will be sent through the US Postal Service. Currently, this is the only process by which to purchase commercial permits. Payment with a credit or debit card is the preferred payment and will result in a fastest response.

Individuals without credit or debit cards may call one of the above numbers and arrange to mail-in a cashier’s check or money order (cash will not be accepted). Do not forget to include your telephone number and your mailing address when you mail in your payment. Note: Cashier’s checks and money orders will require more time (vs. credit card) to process a commercial-use permit.

Regulations for commercial-use fuel/firewood may be found at: .

Visit us at or for other information about the Plumas National Forest.


Digital map links

Digital maps are available at