Plumas National Forest asks residents to be on the alert for smoke

The Plumas National Forest is asking residents and visitors to be on the alert for smoke. In a recent press release, forest personnel noted that the past few weeks of hot, dry weather have resulted in several smoke sightings within the burn areas of the North Complex Fire and the Sheep Fire.

The communication center has received calls of smoke spotted near Bucks Lake and along the La Porte Highway between Quincy and La Porte on the North Complex Fire, as well as in Susanville on the Sheep Fire. In all cases firefighters have responded and taken the required action.

Most of the sightings have occurred in and around the fire containment areas. It’s not unusual for there to be lingering pockets of heat inside the perimeters of large fires, as fire can enter root systems, then smolder over winter and reignite in the summer.

The public can help by reporting smoke sightings. Call 911 and be prepared to share as much detail as possible. Where is the smoke located? Do you see smoke and flames? The information will assist firefighters in pinpointing the location.

With the Fourth of July holiday approaching, the fire conditions on the forest range from high to very high. Only 60 percent of the normal snowpack was recorded, along with little spring rain, leaving the forests very dry. The public is encouraged to be vigilant this summer. For more details go to this website.