Police seek man in connection to shooting

Anyone who sees Ameko Vaimasanuu should contact the Susanville Police Dispatch, according to a statement from the department.

The Susanville Police Department is searching for Vaimasanuu, also known as Mecca, 31, after obtaining an arrest warrant for him earlier today, Monday, June 10.

According to the statement, police officers spotted Vaimasanuu on Limoneria Avenue, but he fled on foot. The Susanville Police Department, the California Highway Patrol and the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office responded to the sighting and attempted to set a perimeter to locate him. After an hour and multiple home searches, the statement continued, officers were unable to locate him.

According to the department, it was later reported Vaimasanuu was hiding in a shed in the area.

Vaimasanuu is a person of interest in the shots fired this morning on North Street.

According to the Statement, the charges listed are assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy and intimidating a witness. The bail of warrant is set at $25,000.

Vaimasanuu is described as a 5’11’’, 220-pound man of Pacific Islander decent with long black hair. According to the statement, “he is known to be violent and possibly armed with a gun or other type of weapon.”

He is often seen walking without a shirt on and with a backpack. The statement noted he frequents the Upland, Santa Paula, Limoneria and Monrovia street area.

The department requests anyone who sees Vaimasanuu to call the Susanville Police Dispatch at 257-2171, and report his whereabouts.