Positions shift at Diamond Mountain Speedway

Friday night lights poured over the Diamond Mountain Speedway Friday, May 24.

Many maintained their positions in the point brackets, but there some came out to upset the status quo of the season.

Leading in points in the mini stocks is Cody Kennemore with 159 points, in second with 149 points is Larry Whitebird who overtook the now third place holder Bion Barr who sits at 113 points.

In hobby stocks Jacob Huston still holds onto first in points sitting at 154 points. At 112 points is Rick Higby who jumped into the second place spot past Fred Kresge and Steve Gordon. Kresge slid down to third with 110 points.

Richard Longacre sits in first in the sport modified category with 154 points surpassing Craig Nieman who now sits in second with 153 points.
Shayna Nieman sits at the third place position in points with 147 points.

Chris Nieman holds onto the first place spot in the modified category with 151 points, Wade Kennemore still holds onto second place with 149 points, Larry McCracken keeps his third place position in points at 141.

The results for the races in each of their respective categories are as follows.

Mini stock main race:
1. Kennemore, No. 5.0. 2. Whitebird, No. 57. 3. Johnny Moya, No. 74. 4. Billy Gibson, No. 121. 5.Matt Canada, No. 9.

Stock car main race:
1. Skeeter Bethel, No. 40. 2. Doug Weeks, No. 09. 3. Huston, No. 44. 4. Darren Ballentine, No. 2X. 5. Steve Buhr, No. 77.
6. Higby, No. 2B. 7. Shannon Collins, No. 16. 8. Connor Mcmillan, No. 04.

Sport mods main race:
1. Guy Ahlwardt, No. 10. 2. Longacre, No. 07. 3. Nieman, No. 7z. 4. Nieman, No. 7N. 5. Jacob Dias, No. 51D.
6. Ray Talavera Jr. No. 23. 7. Keith Brown Jr. No. 128. 8. Nathan Howard, No. 81.

Modified main race:
1. Kennemore, No. 24k. 2. Nieman, No. 3. 3. Mitch Murphy, No. 748M. 4. Dave Sciarroni, No. S25. 5. Nevin Kennemore, No. 23K.
6. Gene Kay, No. 3N. 7. McCracken, No. 06. 8.Steve Bejcek, No. 20. 9. Melissa Natenstedt, No. 1N. 10. Ron Brown, No. 88RC/X.
The Diamond Mountain Speedway’s next race will be Saturday, June 8.