Power is back, but locals urged to prepare

The power is back on, but the forecasted weather has the potential to take away our lights and heaters once again.

Today, Tuesday, Jan. 10, local officials and agencies were saying the next few days of weather could pose another power-threatening situation, and suggested Lassen County residents take the opportunity to prepare just in case.

“It’s just a real good possibility,” said Office of Emergency Services Chief Eric Ewing to the Lassen County Board of Supervisors concerning the power going out again.

Starting around noon Sunday, Jan. 8, an outage occurred to Lassen Municipal Utility District customers.

According to LMUD, the outage was caused by extensive damage on the Pacific Gas and Electric lines.

Intermixed with some brief power, and Pacific Gas and Electric allotted back up power, all LMUD customers should have had power restored just before midnight Monday, Jan. 9.

However, with the forecasted winter storm hitting the area starting today, LMUD and the OES chief warned of another potential outage.

“Just a reminder that with the severe weather forecasted for Lassen County, rain, snow, ice and high winds, the possibility of additional power outages still exists. Please use this time to prepare, charge your cell phone, fill your bathtub with water and replenish your supply of batteries,” read an LMUD Facebook post.

According to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations website, areas in Lassen County are in a winter storm warning until 4 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 12.

During the power outage, an emergency shelter was set up at Jensen Hall at the Lassen County Fairgrounds. Locals could seek heat and even receive oxygen and plug in their oxygen concentrators.

Ewing said the shelter was to be closed at 1 p.m. today since the power was back, but added it would be kept functional incase the weather were to hinder it again.