Preeti Misra named 2024 Marge Dunlay Scholarship winner

Honey Lake Hospice is pleased to announce the recipient of the Marge Dunlavy Memorial Scholarship for 2024 — awarded annually to the most deserving applicant pursuing a degree in a health-related field with a special interest in gerontology, oncology or hospice and palliative care.

Honey Lake Hospice awarded Preeti Misra the Marge Dunlavy Memorial Scholarship for 2024.

This year the $2,000 award is being given to Preeti Misra. Preeti graduated from Lassen Community College with a degree in Licensed Vocational Nursing in May 2023, with plans to obtain her Registered Nursing degree.

Currently, she works part-time as an LVN at Northeastern Rural Health Clinic in Susanville, California.  She also volunteers for a local church, as well as Soroptimist International of Susanville and LCC nursing program events.

Her instructors and advisor have been enthusiastically impressed with her commitment and her amazing talent to learn. Overcoming the logistics of completing her prerequisites by taking online nursing courses from India by traveling to an internet café and using borrowed devices with a 14-hour time difference show her perseverance and determination.

Growing up, Preeti cared for her father who was diagnosed with polio in both legs. She also was involved in the care of her mother who succumbed in 2019 after a 4-year battle with cancer.  This was a pivotal moment for her as she realized the impact healthcare professionals could have on individuals and families. She knew she “wanted to make a difference in the lives of others through healthcare.”

LCC Nursing Program Director, Christi Meyers, was on a mission trip with her church to India when she initially met Preeti. She was so impressed with the young woman and her desire to enter the healthcare profession that she developed a plan to assist her in coming to America.

Preeti completed a master’s degree in Food and Nutrition in 2022.  Because she is committed to helping others, she wanted to combine that education with a career in nursing.

Pursuing her LVN at LCC was a logical step toward achieving this. In pursuit of her goal, Preeti has applied and been accepted to the LCC Registered Nursing Program.

 “One of the most critical aspects of healthcare is the relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients,” she said. “Patients must feel comfortable and confident in the care they receive.”

Honey Lake Hospice said it is honored to be able to assist Preeti Misra in her chosen career.

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