Pride Month — A transvestite on the front page

As my semester as the advisor to the student paper drew to a close, I thought I had dodged a bullet. I’d overheard the students talking about taking a photograph of themselves in drag out in front of the bookstore. I knew they had a photoshoot, but the photographer couldn’t come up with a suitable image. Whew.

So I thought, Lord have mercy, when they showed me their layout of the front page for the last issue of the semester, a drawing by the staff cartoonist picturing the editor brandishing a whip, dressed as a domineering woman.

When the students asked me what I thought, I told them I was confused. This appears to be a Christmas greeting from the newspaper staff to the readers, I said, but I don’t see any Christmas message.

And I continued I was even more confused about why they would want to portray themselves this way.

They thought it was cool. They said that’s what they wanted to do. So I swallowed my confusion, and paper went to press.