Public Hearing, Amendment to Reclamation Plan



The Lassen County Planning Commission solicits the aid of public agencies and the general public in consideration of the following item:

Applicant:  Interest Income Partners contracting with Geofortis Minerals, LLC

File No.:   Minor Amendment #2021-001

Project:   Proposal for a minor amendment to Reclamation Plan #95004 to include mitigation measures associated with the white woolly buckwheat (Eriogonum ochrocephalum var. ochrocephalum), a rare plant rank 2B.2 meaning rare, threatened, or endangered in California. The minor amendment must address the requirements of Lassen County Code Sections 9.60.040, Public Resources Code section 2777, and California Code of Regulations 3502(d-h). The project is not subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to Section 15162 of the CEQA Guidelines.

Location: The project site is located approximately 6 miles north of Hallelujah Junction off of Highway 395.

Zoning:   The project site is zoned A-1 (General Agriculture) and is designated Extensive Agriculture by the Lassen County General Plan, 2000.

A.P.N.:   145-030-018-000

Staff Contact:  Cortney Flather, Natural Resources Technician

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on this item at 1:20 p.m. on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, in the Board Chambers, 707 Nevada Street, Susanville, California. All interested persons and agencies are invited to attend the meeting and be heard, or to submit comments to the Commission prior to the hearing, c/o the Department of Planning and Building Services, 707 Nevada Street, Suite 5, Susanville, California 96130 or via email to:

For the County of Lassen,

Maurice L. Anderson, Secretary

Lassen County Planning Commission