A quad was stolen over the holiday weekend at Pat Murphy Little League Field.

Quad stolen at Pat Murphy Little League Field over holiday weekend

Pat Murphy Little League Field at sunset. Photo by Randy Robbins

Theft and vandalism have once again raised their heads at the Pat Murphy Little League Field in Susanville.

In response to previous vandalism events, the Susanville City Council recently approved funding for a security camera at the park, but Susanville Police Captain Mike Bollinger said the camera was facing a different direction and did not capture any of this event.

Bollinger said thieves got into a reportedly locked storage container, but investigators did not find a cut lock at the scene. He said the only thing missing was a quad used to prepare the Little League fields. The thieves left other items such as gasoline, a lawn mower and tools that also were in the storage container.

Bollinger said the SPD is waiting for information on the quad, donated to Susanville Little League years ago. He said the quad was not found during a search of the area around the park. Bollinger said he hopes the thieves drove the quad somewhere and abandoned it and didn’t drive it into the Susan River.

Bollinger said investigators have no idea who might be responsible, but, “Transients aren’t going to knock over porta-potties and bleachers. The only thing missing was the quad.”